torre di ranza, azienda agricola a san gimignano

“rosato di toscana„ i.g.t.

Wine derived from carefully selected Sangiovese grapes, vinified in rose. On arrival at the wine cellar, the must derived from the red grape undergoes an operation called “salasso” (draining) that consists of bleeding off a fraction of pink must from the tub to be fermented without red skins.
This fermentation is controlled at a low temperature to extract all the fragrance of this grape vintage.
At the end of fermentation, the wine is kept at a low temperature until bottling for 2/3 months.

Alcohol by volume: 11.5%
Complements: it is matched both to aperitifs and sweets and dessert.
Serving temperature: slightly cold. (10°C)
Grape vintage: Sangiovese
Grapes: Sangiovese
Yield: 90 quintal/hectare
Fermentation: stainless steel

“Organoleptic characteristics„

At sight it presents a beautiful intense red color with violet tones. Its fruit fragrance, freshness, and zest are the characteristics of this easy-to-drink wine.

“Complements and serving temperature„

The wine that is obtained is perfumed, light, ideal as an aperitif, with fish soups, first courses, to drink cool at a temperature of 10°C
Tasting temperature: rather cool, 8° - 10°C.