torre di ranza, azienda agricola a san gimignano


Plunged in these beautiful and evocative hills, with an extension of about 40 hectares of property, we produce DOCG wine “Chianti Colli Senesi” and “Vernaccia di San Gimignano”, other than some IGT such as “Rosato”, “Sangiovese di Toscana” and “Rosso Toscano”.

By accurately cultivating our olive grove, the qualities of wich are “Moraiolo”, “Correggiolo” and “Leccino”, the olives, hand-picked and carefully selected, are squeezed at cold and are certified as “DOP Terre di Siena” and “IGP Toscano”.

The head of the company is the young agrarian expert Alberto Governa, wine grower who works for it diligently and with zeal.

direct wine and oil sales