torre di ranza, azienda agricola a san gimignano


This wine is obtained from pure vinification of the Sangiovese grape selected in the vineyard and gathered by hand in small boxes without a single bunch being trampled. Vinified at a controlled temperature 20°C, in steel, fermentation, of 10 days and a maceration of the must in the skins after fermentation of approximately a week, afterward transferred from vat to barrel and undergoes soft pressing of the skins.
The wine obtained is placed in French oak barrels for a period of approximately 6 months. At the end of aging in wood, it is further aged in steel for a period of 4 months, then bottled and aged in the bottles for a period of approximately 4 months; 1400 bottles are produced annually.

Grape: Sangiovese in purity
Aging: 6 months in French oak barrels; 4 months in steel tubs; 4 months in bottles

“Organoleptic characteristics„

Color: Intense ruby red
Aroma: fine and elegant, with hint of violets and red fruits
Flavor: dry, good structure and long finish, with a personality that fully expresses the nature of the Sangiovese

“Complements and serving temperature„

It is matched splendidly with Tuscan cold cuts, roasted meat, cold cuts, or game, and served at a temperature of 20° C.