torre di ranza, azienda agricola a san gimignano


Wine derived from the grape vintage of the same name, “Vernaccia di Sangimignano.”
The grape is carefully selected at harvest and sent to the wine cellar. Here, through crushing and soft pressing, the full must ready to be vinified is extracted. Fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature for approximately 10 days.
The wine is then cleared and clarified. After this processing, the wine ages in steel casks for 2- 3 months. At the end the aging period, the wine is bottled.
Production is 1300 bottles per year.

Total alcohol by volume: 12%
Sugar: residue 1 g/l.
Total acidity: 5 g/l.
Net dry extract: 15 g/l.
Aging: it is recommended to consume it within  two years

“Organoleptic characteristics„

Color: light straw yellow, tending toward golden with aging.
Aroma: fine, penetrating, characteristic, fruity and floral.
Flavor: dry, cool, full-bodied, with a long finish, harmonious, with a characteristic slightly bitter aftertaste (bitter almond).

“Complements and serving temperature„

This is a white wine that lends itself well as an aperitif or can be combined with dishes based on fish, first courses with white sauce, various fried foods, eggs and white meat. It can be served also as an aperitif and with antipastos in general.
Tasting temperature: rather cool, 8° - 10°C.